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Internship Opportunities

Lots of people like to dabble with gardening and tending livestock, but if you're interested in really getting into the nuts and bolts of farming and running a small business, please contact us about a farm-stay internship.

As an intern, you will play a key role in day to day farm maintenance of plants, animals and equipment. You’ll participate directly in weekly meetings in which we set goals and plan. In addition to learning about how our business is structured from the inside, you will have the chance to build skills marketing, working with a team, and growing healthy plants, animals, and soils.

Activities for interns include:

  • Starting plants from seed for the high tunnel, outdoor fields, and indoor aquaponics greenhouse
  • Maintaining and innovating the aquaponics system
  • Regular weeding and harvesting
  • Farm-related construction activities
  • Animal feeding, watering, pasture rotation, and processing
  • Interacting with customers during regular deliveries, farmers markets and farm visits
  • Land, soil and new cropland preparation

If you are thinking of joining or starting a farm enterprise and would like to get some dirt under your nails first, and would like to apprentice with a small team of highly motivated people hell-bent on creating a meaningful existence through pasture based agriculture, this internship might be for you. Internships are 8 - 24 weeks in length, and interns usually work 30-40 hours per week (though you are always welcome to work more with us if you like!). Schedules can be flexible to accommodate local activities or private time. Alaska has a great deal to offer in terms of outdoor recreation and exploration. Paid work may also be available for qualified applicants in addition to internship related housing and board. Our internship doesn't run during a specific time of year, but farm activities are at their peak from April - October. We have shared room space available, provide 2 meals a day, and possible transportation options for those with a clean driving record.

To apply, send a cover letter and resume to, RE: Internship. Interns will not be selected on prior experience so much as what each candidate is trying to learn from this experience and what they will be able to contribute to our farm as a whole. Once we receive your application, we will contact you to set up a Skype/Facetime interview. All internships start off with a 2 week trial period, during which time we have the opportunity to get to know each other and test for a good fit. If you have any specific questions regarding our farm-stay internship, please direct them to Jenni at


Tired of your food waste going to the dump? Blood Sweat & Food Farms has partnered with Southern Exposure LLC and the Zaibatsu Group to help turn food waste and lawn debris into healthy soil. You can deliver your small scale kitchen scraps and lawn clippings to our farm location for composting. Compost is collected in a white fish tote off of Star Lane near the northern entrance to the farm. If you a restaurant, school, or local business owner, please contact us to learn more about our weekly compost pick-ups.

Your compost must be:

  • Free of trash, including but not limited to plastic and metal
  • Free of toxins or other chemicals (including but not limited to chemical fertilizers, medications, paint, oils, etc)
  • Able to decompose through non-mechanical means