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Blood Sweat & Food Farms LLC is based in Homer, AK, and dedicated to growing healthy animals and plants that we can share with our community.  We raise heritage breed Tamworth hogs, chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys and sheep and grow greens and veggies year round.  We provide ready-to-cook pastured meat and poultry as well as breeding stock and young animals for those who'd like to raise their own.



"Absolutely delicious"

We had our Supper Club last night and Gary & I hosted.  We, of course, made a pork dish and it was absolutely delicious, tender beyond belief, flavorful, and lean. The outer fat layer basted the roast beautifully and all ten guests were fighting for the crispy fat layer when the roast came out of the oven. It was enjoyed by all. Again, thanks for providing healthy and delicious meat in our community! -Elaine. (PS-we are picking up our thick sliced bacon next week and cannot wait!!!!!)

Elaine, Homer AK

We purchased 3 piglets in the spring of 2016 and by fall we had beautiful full grown pigs. After some curing and smoking from Tustemena Smokehouse we had a freezer full of the best pork known to man. The folks at Blood Sweat & Food farms are very knowledgeable and follow up was great. We can't wait for [next year's] piglets!!

Jim, Sterling AK

"It's wonderful to see where your food is coming from!"

Great experience with Blood Sweat and Food Farm's pork last season; got half a pig and was not disappointed! Tasted great and it was a pleasure dealing with everyone throughout the entire transaction. The farm itself is a great place - it's wonderful to see where your food is coming from!

Angela, Homer AK

We cooked that gorgeous 19.48-lb turkey for Thanksgiving and were thrilled with the results.  Terrific taste, lots of leftovers, and gallons of turkey bone broth.  Even the critters and birds get to enjoy what’s left of the carcass.  Thanks again for such incredible food.

Jeannie, Homer AK

I am so happy to have Blood Sweat & Food Farms here locally. I can’t say enough about the taste, freshness and impeccable processing; and no more adverse reactions. Cost a little more, but so very worth it to know exactly what you are eating.   As soon as we have more room in our freezer we plan on trying some of the pork they offer as well.
Highly recommend Blood Sweat & Food Farms to any and everyone – life is too short to eat bad food!

Connie Cavasos, Homer AK